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Mother of light’s church

This little chapel is the famous place of worship and contains the statue of the Mother of the light sculptured on the Century Anniversary of the Immaculate Conception and fifty years after founding the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in 1904.
This chapel forms the lower section of the tower upon which the statue of Our Lady of Lebanon stands.

On the occasion of 150th anniversary of the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, the statue of the Mother of Light has visited more than 426 villages across Lebanon between late May and late October 1954. Then in 2013 and to occasion of the consecration of Lebanon at the heart of the Virgin Mary, the same statue visited, in the second round, 333 towns and villages in Lebanon.


The idea of building a large church in the vicinity of the sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon was originally conceptualized in the sixties. The Shape of the Basilica is a cross between a Lebanese cedar tree and a Phoenician ship. Thanks to its hefty dimensions, 115 meters long, 67 meters wide, while its dome rises 62 meters above the ground, it stands out on top of a mountain that overlooks the famous city jounieh. It can seat up to 3500 comfortably, all of whom can contemplate the original sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon through a twenty-meter wide and forty-two meter high glass window behind the altar. Since the 1980’s, many religious ceremonies have been celebrated in the Basilica, especially, during May, the holy month of Mary. The Pope John-Paul II visited the Basilica 10th of May 1997.

The Basilica was renovated in 2013 and was rededicated on the occasion of the consecration of Lebanon at the heart of the Virgin Mary, 16 July 2013.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Located beneath the frontal part of the Basilica, it was originally called a crypt. His Holiness Pope John Paul II dedicated this chapel a statue of the Virgin of Lourdes.

Today, it bears the name of our Lady of Lourdes. The stained glass window portrayed to the left and right of the Altar, the Holy Family and the Twelve Apostles.

It can accommodate up to 300 people seated.

Forgiveness Chapel

The stained glass windows and marbled floors contribute to its exquisite architecture. The stained glass window behind the Altar depicts Jesus carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders. Our Lady of LebanonInaugurated on 1997, is the most recent Chapel in the complex of

As depicted, many come to the Forgiveness Chapel seeking spiritual guidance and confession.

Our Lady of Lebanon Statue

The location of the Shrine which overlooks the Bay of Jounieh is considered one of the world’s most beautiful sceneries.
The statue made with molten Bronze, painted white, gave the statue more splendor and clarity. The statue is 8.50m in height, 5.50m in perimeter and weighs 15 tons.
One of the most beautiful art pieces that portray the Virgin Mary manufactured in France. The statue was elevated in 1908 above the principal sanctuary. It is made up of seven sections that were assembled on top of the stone base which has the shape of a trunk, with a bottom perimeter of 64m, an upper perimeter of 12m and with an overall height of 20m.